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Choice Jewelry has a meaning that goes beyond just jewelry. It is a daily reminder that we get to choose our attitude, thoughts and beliefs.

The idea for Choice Jewelry originated from the desire to have a daily positive focus on life. And the desire to help pass on a message of Faith as inspiration to others. Our original story was started by giving out handmade wooden coins that said FAITH on one side and FEAR on the other. Over the years, these coins have made a difference in people’s lives as they deal with everyday challenges. Choice Jewelry was created to inspire others in the same way.

The Faith Fear medallion symbolizes an actual coin. It is reminiscent of something you might put in your pocket as a reminder to live in Faith over Fear. On each coin there is a crack going through to symbolize that life can be hard and imperfect.

We hope that this jewelry will inspire others, be shared amongst friends and family and be loved by many.

With every necklace purchase, we will give you a wooden coin of your own to pass on to someone you know who might need it.

Made onsite in Los Angeles, the medallion and chain are 14k gold plated, reflecting high quality craftsmanship.

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