The “Wooden” Coin – A Gift of Faith

For the past decade, I’ve been a part of a Men’s Group at my church.  Over the years many of the men have endured life storms (e.g. loss of loved ones, loss of job, loss of home, loss of marriage, loss of purpose etc.).  I am always saddened for the men who spiral downward with stress, anger and hopelessness. However, I am inspired by the men like Steve, Tom and Doug who remain calm, stay positive, step forward and use the unfortunate events to come out stronger.

What’s the difference? What’s the secret? How do we be like Steve, Tom & Doug?

Our group has discussed this, debated it and decided on the answer. It’s a choice.  We can live in Faith or we can live in Fear. Life is fragile so we need to make that decision every day. This lesson has been a gift to me and so I wanted to give this “gift” to others. So, I did.

Years ago, at our annual Christmas breakfast I gave all the members of the Men’s Group a wooden coin. I wrote FAITH on one side of it and FEAR on the other with a sharpie. I told them when they take it out of their pocket they can decide which side is up.  A simple reminder that we get to choose one or the other.   It can’t be both.

Over the years I have given coins to many people including my good friends dealing with life storms (battling cancer), life challenges (job loss) and life changes (going off to college).  It’s amazing to me when I hear stories of how this little coin has made a difference.

That’s my story.  What’s yours?

Aaron Horvath