Starting Out In A New City After College

This necklace is one of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received because of the message it reminds me of daily. After college graduation I moved to Dallas for a job opportunity. It was such an exciting time for me because it was something I’ve never done. As time got closer to my move date, I started to panic. The thought of leaving my entire family and friends for a place I didn’t know many people was terrifying. Once I finally got there I was okay. I was almost too busy working and figuring out my way around the city to have time to think about being sad or missing home. A couple months into it, it started to hit me. I spent most weekends by myself as I watched my friends back at home have so much fun. That was when I knew I had a huge decision to make. Will I let the fear of this bring me back home or will I have faith this will get better? Every day I chose faith and I’m extremely thankful I did because I’ve made the best friends here and I absolutely love my job.

Linsday Koziol