Letting Go of Parenting Worry

These 2 girls are exactly what I think of when it comes to choosing Faith over Fear. For me, and I suspect for most moms, my world completely changed when our girls were born. It was like every emotion I’d known was heightened; held more weight or went from black and white to technicolor.  I mean EVERY feeling was more “felt”: Love, joy, happiness and gratefulness. But along with those deeper emotions came a new one for me: fear. All these “what-if” worries consumed me daily.
It took me many years to learn to let go of underlying worry. And it’s made a difference in my life.  Wearing this coin reminds me to try not to worry about things that haven’t happened.  I’ll choose Faith over Fear today. 
I also bought this necklace for our daughters. The message is powerful!
Kerri Koziol