Faith In Writing Journey

I was gifted this beautiful necklace by my writing partner. She and I started on a journey ten years ago to follow a dream of ours to become published authors. There has been a lot of fear along the way...fear of not being good enough. Fear of failure. Fear of letting ourselves and our families down and fear of being undeserving of success. We decided years ago to trust that God was in charge of our journey and what He had placed on our hearts would come to fruition in His timing. She presented me with this precious token as a reminder that our FAITH in our journey outweighs the roadblocks of FEAR...EVERYTIME and reminds me who is in control. I wear it to profess my FAITH in my Lord and Savior Jesus and to say FEAR has no place here! There is only room for LOVE GRACE and FAITH in all He is doing and all He will do.

Holly Mora