Beautiful Faith

I love my Choice necklace! It is a beautiful daily reminder that faith is a choice....even in the face of sure adversity. There have been many instances in my life when fear has crept in. How could it not with a difficult divorce, a custody battle, a terminal cancer diagnosis, recent uncertain times with COVID quarantine?  We have all had a host of trials that have come our way in the game of Life. I’ve had to accept that fear is a part of life’s struggles .... the feeling of fear is real.

But Faith, beautiful Faith, is conversely, a principle of action rather than just an emotion. And it brings with it true power. It is a “Choice” and requires being sought after. Life-affirming faith, when chosen and cultured, has been a power so great in my life that it has brought forth many, amazing miracles of healing and restoration at times when all seemed lost.

I love this two-sided “coin” necklace for reminding me that while the fear I feel during life’s trials is real and a part of being human, I can switch the fear to the gift of faith with a little action....sometimes just as easily as flipping the coin on my necklace.

Kim Lester